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Astronest Intel:

Thank you commander for attending this briefing. We have gathered intelligence on a wide array of technologies being used in the battlefield which will enhance your combat ability in this vital war.

Let's begin. In order to make the briefing more relevant to you, I have taken the liberty of breaking down the briefing into simplified categories. Please select the topic below.


[11.03.19] V2.2.2 - Updated database for version 2.11.1[ 2.11.1-r25695~27604(2019/07/10 16:53:18) ]
[02.01.19] V2.2.1 - Updated items content for 2.9.15. Added new unique heroes, added new items. Entering long-term update mode, I don't plan on adding new features at this time, although I will do best effort to update the database. I'll see if I can at least add the feature request for where to get the special heroes.[ 2.9.15-r23331~23503(2019/01/25 06:47:23) ]
[08.01.18] V2.2.0 - Updated items content for 2.9.10. Added new unique heroes, added new items, fixed issue with campaign not showing all the associated ships. Upcoming work-in-progress: new gui layout which should make the user experience much better.[ V2.9.10-r21624~21703(2018/07/18 13:57:27) ]
[04.26.18] V2.1.3 - Updated items content. Added new unique heroes.[ V2.9.5-r20326~21003(2018/02/22 08:07:10) ]
[03.04.18] V2.1.3 - Updated content to version 2.9.5
Fixed ordering of titles
Fixed duplicate campaign entries
Fixed unique hero skills link to be language compatible
Reduced drop rate of Master Scout Ticket for Alien 110 and 115 from 10% to 8%. Increased droprate of Sensitive Beam T7 Cube to 6% and Perfect Missile T7 Cube.
Removed duplicate discovery reward for Sensitive Beam T7 Cube and Perfect Missile T7 Cube for alien 110.
Added alien drops for 120 and 125
Added new Unique Hero Vella.
[ V2.9.5-r20326~20504(2018/02/22 08:07:10) ]
[02.05.18] V2.1.2 - Updated items content. Added new unique heroes.
Created new page for 3rd party player information, tools and files..
[ V2.9.2-r19398~20103(2017/10/31 09:11:26) ]
[11.24.17] V2.1.1 - Added new content
Created new page for unique hero abilities. Added unique ability to special heroes and added their jobs.
[ V2.9.0-r19312~r19502(2017/10/24 06:58:08) ]
[10.26.17] V2.1.0 - Updated database to version 2.9.0.
Added new items. Added new special heroes. Updated hyperlab to reflect new resource usage. Updated event page to reflect new event items. Updated alien drops to reflect new hero ticket item. Added new special heroes page.
[ V2.9.0-r19312~r19502(2017/10/24 06:58:08) ]
[08.02.17] V2.0.1 - Added the new event item information.
The Korean item files reveals some new interesting LD's coming soon:
빔지식LD 미사일지식LD 전투정지식LD 캐논지식LD 공격스킬LD 방어스킬LD 스킬확률LD 사거리LD 크리티컬LD 완파감소LD 최대AP-LD 코스먼트LD
Beam knowledge LD Missile knowledge LD Combat Intelligence LD Canon Knowledge LD Attack skill LD Defense Skill LD Skill probability LD Range LD Critical LD Reduced Warming LD Maximum AP-LD Course LD
[ V2.7.2-r17470~17613(2017/04/20 07:44:01) ]
[07.07.17] V2.0.0 - Introducing a new multilingual option for all supported versions of the client.
Fixed issue with devices not displaying beam attack and fighter resistance information
[ V2.7.2-r17470~17613(2017/04/20 07:44:01) ]
[06.30.17] V1.6.3 - Changed menu to be more mobile friendly. You may need to clear your cache to get it to load properly.[ V2.7.2-r17470~17613(2017/04/20 07:44:01) ]
[06.12.17] V1.6.2 - Updated the items page to include latest items related to events and recon. Updated fleet values to reflect HP boost. Updated event page with current event.[ V2.7.2-r17470~17604(2017/04/20 07:44:01) ]
[05.20.17] V1.6.1 - Updated the items page to include latest items related to events and recon. Added drop rates for event items on the event page. Statistically it's best to do pursuits and then campaigns.[ V2.7.2-r17470~17604(2017/04/20 07:44:01) ]
[04.22.17] V1.6.0 - On the equipment page, weapons that have a corrresponding alien cube will have a link to the best alien chance of dropping the item and best campaign area to find that alien. Archiving older changlogs. You can check them out on the changelog page. The version scheme is major.minor.revision starting with release 1.0.0. This is separate from the game versioning numbers so please do not be confused. I'm still working on adding Version 2.7.2 files from the game into the database.Archived Changelog[ V2.6.0-r16581~16704(2016/12/16 05:09:28) ]
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