Alien Spawn Location Table

Select Alien:
Loc Alien
SP-30 SP-30 "Мечник"
SP-35 SP-35 "Ярость"
SP-40 SP-40 "Фантом"
SP-45 SP-45 "Сирена"
TD-50 TD-50 "Фарго"
TD-55 TD-55 "Макрель"
TD-60 TD-60 "Хлыст"
TD-65 TD-65 "Кондор"
TD-70 TD-70 "Рысь"
TP-75 TP-75 "Вихрь"
TP-80 TP-80 "Стикс"
TP-85 TP-85 "Зверь"
TX-90 TX-90 "Антей"
TX-95 TX-95 "Танатос"
TX-100 TX-100 "Чистилище"
TX-105 TX-105 "Гефест"
TX-110 TX-110 "Ахерон"
TX-115 TX-115 "Зевс"
TZ120-Rakazeth Spawn Location TZ120-Rakazeth
TZ125-Palenque Spawn Location TZ125-Palenque
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