Campaign Alien Spawns

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ID Zone ID ZoneName FleetName level ShipName WeaponName SkillsName Desc desc1 raid_rate rss_beam rss_missile rss_fighter rss_cannon eva_beam eva_missile eva_fighter eva_cannon
1526XR-02Dario Privateer Fleet52CRUISER IVIMPACT CANNON T4500000000
1526XR-02Dario Privateer Fleet52CRUISER IVASSAULT BEAM T4MISSILE DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' missile resistance.MISSILE RES+40500000000
1526XR-02Dario Privateer Fleet52CRUISER IVFOX FIGHTER T4AMPLIFIED FIREAttacks with increased power and reduces the evasion of the fleet that came under the attack.250% ATK, -55 ALL EVA500000000
1526XR-02Dario Privateer Fleet52CRUISER IVASSAULT BEAM T4PREEMPTIVE FIREOne preemptive strike on the entire enemy's rear row before commencing the attack.225% ATK500000000
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