[02.28.17] V1.5.1 - Reverted the table's 150% font to default, seeing if that looks better. Fixed incorrect year on a couple of this year's timestamps for the changelog. Added attribute column for weapons to reference sensitive beam's and piercing cannon's abilities. On request changed research page to Hyperlab.[ V2.6.0-r16581~16704(2016/12/16 05:09:28) ]
[01.25.17] V1.5.0 - Introducing the Campaign page! This page will list the enemy fleets for each mission along with their weapons, skills, and resistances. This should help you plan your battles accordingly.[ V2.6.0-r16581~16704(2016/12/16 05:09:28) ]
[01.10.17] V1.4.2 - Fixed missing Preemptive fire on the skills page. Introduced gzip compression and caching to reduce bandwith and increase page load speed for users. Fixed alien showing incorrect amount of time left to kill. Added alien resistance so you can tell what weapons are most effective.[ V2.6.0-r16581~16704(2016/12/16 05:09:28) ]
[12.27.16] V1.4.1 - Fixed missing Advanced Hero Invitation resource requirement in the hyper research construction page.[ V2.6.0-r16581~16704(2016/12/16 05:09:28) ]
[12.20.16] V1.5.0 - This update comes in line with patch 2.6.0 of Astronest. Alongside the item updates comes some site improvements. I've reworked queries for most of the pages which increase performance and security and will be completing this over the weekend as part of this update version.
    Updates from the game patch:
  • New items for Tron packs
  • new titles
  • updated event items
    Upcoming features for site version 1.5.1:
  • campaign fleet information. This will allow you to setup your fleet to more effectively fight the difficult missions.
  • Tips page with tips from ingame.
[ V2.6.0-r16581~16704(2016/12/16 05:09:28) ]
[12.14.16] V1.4.0 - Introduced better number formatting based on US number schemes for easier reading. Added total costs of resources for hyper research. Building additional totals for other types of research. Building best weapon comparisons charts which is now live here.[ V2.5.2-r16000~16011(2016/10/25 06:50:22)]
[12.06.16] V1.3.1 - Updated some item descriptions [ V2.5.2-r16000~16011(2016/10/25 06:50:22)]
[11.17.16] V1.3.0 -
  • Built a new query to pull up the best alien and best location to find that alien for a given item.
  • Optimized all queries and fixed sorting and columns
  • Updating data files to latest version.
  • Fixed double quotation issue.
  • Updated Hyper-Lab construction to reflect lowered costs.
  • Items that have been imported into database with no name no longer show up in tables. (These entries are probably entered before an event exists and gets filled out later when an event starts.)
[ V2.5.2-r16000~16008(2016/10/25 06:50:22)]
[11.13.16] V1.2.0 - I've upgraded the website to now use https. No content changes today. [ V2.5.0-r15862~15907(2016/10/05 07:36:32)]
[10.11.16] V1.1.1 - Intel pages still in progress. Updated Ships, skills, items for patch 2.5.0[ V2.5.0-r15862~15907(2016/10/05 07:36:32)]
[09.08.16] V1.1.0 - Creating intel pages to help commanders choose the best weapon, ship, and research to get.[ V2.4.0-r15289~15351(2016/07/18 12:56:54)]
[07.19.16] V1.0.0 - Updated hero invitation items, ship data, and skill data in accordance with 2.4.0 updates. Added table row highlighting.[ V2.4.0-r15289~15351(2016/07/18 12:56:54)]
[07.19.16] V1.0.0 - Changed site version to 1.0.0 as all detected bugs have been squashed and primary features have been initialized. From now on version scheme will be major.minor.revision starting with release 1.0.0. This is separate from the game versioning.Archived Changelog[ V2.4.0-r15289~15351(2016/07/18 12:56:54)]
[06.23.16] V0.23 - Added some clarifying text on the Alien page so users know how to navigate to the droplist or spawn location.[ V2.3.0-r14818~14901(2016/05/11 10:41:40)]
[05.17.16] V0.22 - Changed some CSS to make the horizontal menu bar responsive into a vertical bar for mobile screens. Increased some font sizes. Still working on optimizing the responsive layout. Hyper research page was previously created but not logged. Still need to build out the skills for the hyper research.

TODO: Javascript sortable columns. Building new hyper research skills page
[ V2.3.0-r14818~14901(2016/05/11 10:41:40)]
[05.13.16] V0.21 - Updated Database for 2.3 patch. New images for the 5 released advanced skills. Updated for current event.

TODO: Javascript sortable columns. Building new hyper research page
[ V2.3.0-r14818~14901(2016/05/11 10:41:40)]
[05.06.16] V0.20 - Created filters for equipment section. Created dropdown selector for Alien Spawns.

TODO: Javascript sortable columns.
[ V2.2.3-r14480~14514(2016/04/07 06:54:42)]
[05.05.16] V0.19 - Added Skills Page.

TODO: Javascript sortable columns. Get Equipment dropdown filters working.
[ V2.2.3-r14480~14514(2016/04/07 06:54:42)]
[04.21.16] V0.18 - Added Earth Day Event. Noted that Amplified fire does 100% more damage in all values. IE if it was 150% before it's 250% more now. There are notes for hyper construction that are probably related to the new skills previously mentioned. Updated bxslider to 4.2.5 and enabled keyboard controls for slider. Cleaning PHP code up so future edits are easier. Removing uncessary columns from queries and headers.

TODO: Javascript sortable columns. Get Equipment dropdown filters working.
[ V2.2.3-r14480~14514(2016/04/07 06:54:42)]
[04.08.16] V0.17 - Integrated Image slider for events page. Created slideout grid menu system. Working on making site more responsive for smaller screens. Working on removing table columns with extraneous/confusing columns. Working on adding list of skills.[ V2.2.3-r14480~14514(2016/04/07 06:54:42)]
[04.05.16] V0.16 - Added Disqus comment system. Added location information links to the alien drop tables so you can see where aliens spawn. April Fool's Patch only updated the hero image. This latest patch just changed URLs to shortlinks and changed League status to ended. Loading background slightly changed as well.[ V2.2.1-14500~14504(2016/03/29 14:54:15)]
[03.29.16] V0.15 - Imported Easter Egg event information, yes I know, a little late.[ V2.2.1-14500~14504(2016/03/29 14:54:15)]
[03.17.16] V0.14 - Imported Weapon and Fleet information. Added all possible titles including hidden/secret ones.[ V2.20-r14287-14331(2016/03/14 10:44:00)]
[03.17.16] V0.13 - Imported St. Patrick's Day patch. Updated item table to fill out missing item information including league points and advanced LD's. It looks like some of the aliens have drops which don't exist yet.
Fixed Alien 110 and 115 50% and discoverer rewards.
[ V2.20-r14287-14331(2016/03/14 10:44:00)]
[10.16.15] V0.12 - Imported Halloween patch. A bunch of blank item entries were added that fall under the training LD category. Are these new skills or just phantom entries?
Also, a new item called League Point which hints at a new upcoming feature.
[V1.79-r12044-12571(2015/08/11 19:36:25)]
[10.16.15] V0.11 - Imported patch. Updated Devices with T3 Scanning device and updated stats for 4 bypass devices
Updated items with VI Trons. Added Gold, titanium, ceramic debris
[V1.79-r12044-12571(2015/08/11 19:36:25)]
[10.07.15] V0.10 - Imported the Alien raids and the drop list. Associated the tables together so you can see what each boss drops. [V1.79-r12044-12571(2015/08/11 19:36:25)]
[10.06.15] V0.10 - Type selecting for items--> trons is working. Feature not yet enabled in Equipment --> Armor [V1.79-r12044-12571(2015/08/11 19:36:25)]
[10.05.15] V0.10 - Item import complete. Device import in progress. [V1.79-r12044-12571(2015/08/11 19:36:25)]
[10.02.15] V0.10 - Initial Import in progress. [V1.79-r12044-12571(2015/08/11 19:36:25)]
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