Best Alien and Location For This Item

To use this page, go to the items page and select the item you wish to find. It will bring you to this page which will show you the Alien that drops it at the highest percentnpcmo and the location where the alien has a highest chance to spawn, taking into account the fact that aliens have a higher chance to spawn on the 5th and 10th stage. These stages are noted in your campaign by these symbols.5th Stage10th Stage
Item Name Alien Name Zone/Episode System Name Chance of this Alien Spawning Chance of Item Dropping Reward Type
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth14RS-1010%5%Top 50% Damage
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth14RS-1010%5%Discoverer Reward
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth14RS-0510%5%Top 50% Damage
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth14RS-0510%5%Discoverer Reward
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth13PT-1010%5%Top 50% Damage
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth13PT-1010%5%Discoverer Reward
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth13PT-0510%5%Top 50% Damage
2006SENSITIVE BEAM T8 CUBETZ120-Rakazeth13PT-0510%5%Discoverer Reward
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