Astronest Intel

Thank you commander for attending this briefing. We have gathered intelligence on a wide array of technologies being used in the battlefield which will enhance your combat ability in this vital war.

Let's begin. In order to make the briefing more relevant to you, I have taken the liberty of breaking down the briefing into simplified categories. Please select the topic below.


Planet Environments

Planets provide you with the resources and research required to construct, upgrade, and maintain your fleet. There are 5 different kinds of planet environments which provide bonuses for different resources. The exception is the Paradise planet which gives bonuses to all 4 resources.
Image Environment Description
  • A blue Ocean Planet
  • Gives research facility bonus
  • +Research capability
  • A brown Arid desert planet
  • Gives energy plant bonus
  • +Energy production
  • A green planet with various terrains
  • Gives residential facility bonus
  • +Gold income
  • A violet planet composed with various materials, such as carbon
  • Gives mining facility bonus
  • +Mineral income
  • A rare planet with extremely good environment.
  • Gives a bonus to all buildings
  • +Research, Energy, Gold and Mineral income

Planet Ranks

There are 5 ranks of planets D through S which affect the max level and resource bonuses which you can obtain. Once again Paradise is an exception with only ranks B through S.
Rank MAX LVL Bonus %
Rank D 31 - 35 5% - 10%
Rank C 31 - 35 11% - 15%
Rank B 36 - 40 20% - 25%
Rank A 41 - 45 35% - 40%
Rank S 46 - 50 50% - 55%
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