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Fusion System

Fusion Module System
The Fusion System is designed to provide special bonuses upon completion. Each type of buff can be leveled up but needs corresponding components to build the fusion system. There are 5 Fusion Component types which can be placed into 8 different Fusion Systems. Each Fusion System provides a different set of bonuses.

What Are the Available Fusion Systems?

Photon Orbit Network Augmented Command System Multi-Dimensional Simulator Nano-layer Alien Analyzer Space Partical Excavation Autonomous Fleet Constructor Fleet Linked Attack System Instant Plasma Defense
Currently there are 8 Fusion Systems, each with their own bonuses.

How to obtain Fusion Components?

Unidentified Architecture Module Unidentified Architecture Module Unidentified Architecture Module Unidentified Architecture Module Unidentified Architecture Module
Each Fusion Componenet has a chance to drop during campaign, pvp, raids, and pursuits. Each type has a higher chance to drop corrosponding to a differnt type of activity.

Conducting Module Analysis

Module Analysis
Before you can use a module in a Fusion System you need to run an analysis on it. This costs Gold and time.

Using the identified module

Module Analysis Complete
Once the module is identified, you are presented with two random options to insert the module into. If you get a repeat system and place a module in a slot already occupied, nothing happens, so if you can, use it in a new slot.

Completing a Fusion System

System Completion Status
Once you have filled out the 5 slots for a system it can be activated.

Upgrading a Fusion System

Fusion Components
Once you've completed a Fusion System, you can begin upgrading it by using the above process.
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