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Some of the listed skills haven't been released yet, possibly don't exist, or are possibly alien skills.
Name Description lvl Stats
11PREEMPTIVE FIREFires one more time before the first attack.1150% ATKONE-OFF
21AMPLIFIED FIREFires harder with extra power.1150% ATK50% CHANCE
22PRECISION FIREFires more accurately.1100% ATK, +50 ACC40% CHANCE
23MULTI BEAMFires at several fleets. (Beam Only)1120% ATK, +50 ACC 2 TARGETS50% CHANCE
24INTERCEPT MISSILEAttacks highest attack power fleet. (Missile Only)1130% ATK, +30 ACC100% CHANCE
25LONG-RANGE FIGHTERFire range increase extremely. (Fighter Only)1120% ATK, +20 RANGE100% CHANCE
26RAPID CANNONFire rate increase extremely (Cannon Only)1120% ATK, +2 RATE100% CHANCE
31PIERCING FIREFires stronger and ignores resistance.1150% ATK40% CHANCE
41SPREAD FIREFires at every enemy fleet.170% ATK30% CHANCE
42RAPID FIREFires 3 times in rapid succession180% ATK X340% CHANCE
43RANDOM FIREFires 3~5 times at random enemy fleets.175% ATK X 3~540% CHANCE
44EXPLOSIVE FIREDamages adjacent fleets additionally.1150% ATK, 30% EXPLOSIVE ATK30% CHANCE
51COORDINATE FIREAll your fleets provide supportive fire.170% ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
52BEAM COORDINATIONAll your beam fleets provide supportive fire.170% ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
53MISSILE COORDINATIONAll your missile fleets provide supportive fire.170% ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
54FIGHTER COORDINATIONAll your fighter fleets provide supportive fire.170% ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
55CANNON COORDINATIONAll your cannon fleets provide supportive fire.170% ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
61BEAM DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' beam resistance.1BEAM RES +25PASSIVE EFFECT
62MISSILE DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' missile resistance.1MISSILE RES+25PASSIVE EFFECT
63FIGHTER DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' fighter resistance.1FIGHTER RES +25PASSIVE EFFECT
64CANNON DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' cannon resistance.1CANNON RES +25PASSIVE EFFECT
65DEFENSE SHIELDGives one-off shied to all your fleets.130% DMG ABSORPTIONONE-OFF
66PRECISION AURAIncreases all your fleet's accuracy1+15 ACCPASSIVE EFFECT
67ELECTRONIC JAMMINGReduce whole fleets beam, cannon accuracy.1-40 ACCPASSIVE EFFECT
68MAGNETIC JAMMINGReduce whole fleets missile, fighter attack.1-20% ATKPASSIVE EFFECT
71COUNTER FIREFires back when the fleet is damaged.170% ATK20% CHANCE
72EMERGENCY REPAIREmergency repair when the fleet is damaged.120% REPAIR50% CHANCE
73CONFUSION FIREAttack random target and Confusing enemy fleet.1100% ATK, 3-5 TURNS CONFUSION40% CHANCE
91ENHANCED RESIDENCEIncreases Lv. of residence facility.1+1 LVNEXT: SKILL LV3
92ENHANCED MININGIncreases Lv. of mining facility.1+1 LVNEXT: SKILL LV3
93ENHANCED ENERGYIncreases Lv. of energy plant.1+1 LVNEXT: SKILL LV3
94ENHANCED RESEARCHIncreases Lv. of research lab.1+1 LVNEXT: SKILL LV3
95ENHANCED PRODUCTIONIncreases Lv. of fleet production line.1+1 LVNEXT: SKILL LV3
97ENHANCED COSMENTSIncreases Lv. of element processing facility.1+1 LVNEXT: SKILL LV5
111ADV. PREEMPTIVE FIREFires twice before the first attack.1160% ATK X2ONE-OFF
121ADV. AMPLIFIED FIREFires at amplified damage 2 times.1150% ATK X250% CHANCE
122ADV. PRECISION FIREIncreases damage for caster, accuracy for all fleet.1+30 ALL ACC, 100% ATK, +50 ACC50% CHANCE
124ADV. INTERCEPT MISSILEAttacks 2 enemy fleets with the highest attack stats. (Only Missiles)180% ATK, +30 ACC X2100% CHANCE
125ADV. LONG-RANGE FIGHTERIncreases fire-range and rate for the caster.1120% ATK, +20 RANGE -1 RATE100% CHANCE
131ADV. PIERCING FIREIgnores the RES of the enemy. RES of fleet is also reduced1150% ATK, -3 RES40% CHANCE
141ADV. SPREAD FIREFires twice at every enemy fleet.145% ATK X230% CHANCE
142ADV. RAPID FIREAttacks two fleets three times consecutively.180% ATK X340% CHANCE
143ADV. RANDOM FIREFires 4~8 times at random enemy fleets.175% ATK X 4~840% CHANCE
144ADV. EXPLOSIVE FIREDeals additional DMG to targeted and surrounding fleets at a wider range.1150% ATK, 50% EXPLOSIVE ATK30% CHANCE
152ADV. BEAM COORDINATIONAll Fleets fire at once. Beam fleets will deal extra DMG.170% ATK SUPPORT, 100% BEAM ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
153ADV. MISSILE COORDINATIONAll Fleets fire at once. Missile fleets will deal extra DMG.170% ATK SUPPORT, 100% MISSILE ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
154ADV. FIGHTER COORDINATIONAll Fleets fire at once. Fight fleets will deal extra DMG.170% ATK SUPPORT, 100% FIGHTER ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
155ADV. CANNON COORDINATIONAll fleets fire at once. Cannon Fleets will deal extra DMG.170% ATK SUPPORT, 100% CANNON ATK SUPPORT40% CHANCE
161ADV. BEAM DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' beam resistance, evasion.1BEAM RES +25, EVA +25PASSIVE EFFECT
162ADV. MISSILE DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' missile resistance, evasion.1MISSILE RES +25, EVA +25PASSIVE EFFECT
163ADV. FIGHTER DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' fighter resistance, evasion.1FIGHTER RES +25, EVA +25PASSIVE EFFECT
164ADV. CANNON DEFENSEIncreases your fleets' cannon resistance, evasion.1CANNON RES +25, EVA +25PASSIVE EFFECT
165ADV. DEFENSE SHIELDGives double one-off absorption shield to all fleets.148% DMG ABSORPTIONONE-OFF
167ADV. ELECTRONIC JAMMINGReduced all fleets' beam, cannon accuracy and damage.1-40 ACC -10% ATKPASSIVE EFFECT
168ADV. MAGNETIC JAMMINGReduce all fleets' missile, fighter attack and accuracy.1-20% ATK -20 ACCPASSIVE EFFECT
171ADV. COUNTER FIRERepairs and counterattacks when the fleet is damaged.15% REPAIR, 70% ATK20% CHANCE
172ADV. EMERGENCY REPAIRRepairs damaged ships as well as some of the ships in surrounding fleets.120% REPAIR50% CHANCE
173ADV. CONFUSION FIREAttacks two fleets randomly and cofuses the targets.Attacks two fleets randomly and confuses the target.1100% ATK, 3-5 TURNS CONFUSION40% CHANCE
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